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Social Survival Speech Therapy Inc. (est. 2022), started with an idea to create functional social skill therapy materials for speech therapists, but has grown to provide so much more to the Autism community and beyond. We are here to provide individual speech therapy to those looking to communicate more effectively and create more meaningful relationships as well as provide parent consultation for those looking for answers and support.



To support individuals and families by providing effective communication strategies and techniques to help alleviate social anxiety while empowering them to use their voice to be heard and understood. 


Provide the world with an army of confident and capable individuals who can thrive in society by finding their voice and achieving their dreams.

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Jordan Mondak, creator and owner of Social Survival Speech Therapy Inc., grew up in Berrien Springs, Michigan where he received his masters in Speech Pathology at Andrews University in 2018. He currently resides in Loma Linda, California where he has gained experience working with children of all ages with various disabilities. His passion lies in supporting those on the autism spectrum where he hopes he can help them find their voice and thrive in their own community. 

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