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Your Story

Has yours or your child's story been a journey of obstacles? Have you ever felt like an outsider looking in? Have you wanted to make friendships but not sure how? Your story does not have to end there... 

Is Not Over

Social Survival is here to help! We want to come along side of your journey and empower you to become your best social self. Book now to talk with a licensed speech therapist to continue your story and upgrade your social skills. Our speech therapy sessions are once a week for 1 hour in-home or virtually.


Group Hug

Life can get hard, so don't do it alone. Whether you are a therapist, a parent, or a student, help is here. Book a 1-on-1 session with a skilled therapist to address your questions and concerns.

*Social Survival is not accepting insurances at this time and is private pay only. We can, however, provide you a "super bill" for our services with diagnostic codes. You can turn it into your insurance to see if they will cover partial cost. 

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