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  • Is Social Survival an actual video game?
    The short answer is no. Social Survival uses the structure (levels), terminology, and instant reward systems just like a video game but incorporates it into a therapy program. This curriculum is meant to be just as exciting, fun, and motivating to your students as an actual video game.
  • What does the Andrews University summer program entail?
    Social Survival summer program at Andrews University is a speech therapist led program that will teach your child effective social skill strategies that will last them a life-time. Your child will engage with other peers their age in order to successfully complete all ten levels, defeat bosses along the way, journey through a side quest and ultimately become the Ultimate Social Survivor! Andrews University grad students will help facilitate your child's learning in a new and fun way. Please contact us at or call (213) 510-1084
  • What does Social Survival Summer Camp at Pine Springs Ranch entail?
    Your child will spend 2 hours in the morning (Monday-Friday) with same-aged campers learning effective social skill strategies from a licensed speech therapist. After, they will be joined with their selected cabin for lunch and a variety of other fun activities where they can practice their social skill strategies in a functional way. You can choose to drop off your child in the morning and pick up them up in the evening or have them stay over night for the full camp experience.
  • What are the services for?
    The services are for therapists, parents and students! If you are a therapist wanting help running Social Survival, a parent wanting advice and support or a student looking for specific help in life please contact us at
  • What does individual services look like?
    A licensed speech pathologist will teach your child specific social skills based on their needs either in the home or virtually. In-home services can be provided within a 15 mile radius from Highland, CA; however, we can see any clients in California virtually no matter the distance. Email for more information.
  • What cities do you service for in-home therapy?
    We are able to come to the comfort of your home if you are located in the following cities: Highland, Fontana, Rialto, Bloomington, Colton, Grand Terrace, Loma Linda, and Redlands.
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