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Social Survival Kit

Social Survival Kit

SKU: 0002

The Social Survival Kit comes with hard copies of both the player curriculum and the therapist manual along with 4 Loot Bags, 20 paper fasteners, and 200 gold coins. 


    Purchase Social Survival Kit to recieve the full experience. Not only will you recieve hard copies of both manuals but it will also come with loot bags, gold coins and fasteners for the print outs.

    Social Survival is jam packed with with engaging content, printables, bosses, mini-games, a side quest and much more! 

    You can purchase a 2 hour, 1-on-1 session with a skilled therapist to learn detailed instructions. You will learn how to start, effectively run the curriculum, and end it with a bang. Click on "Services" to purchase.

Color: Green


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